Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Le Quoc Quan to be tried May 13

Dissident Le Quoc Quan is to be tried May 13, according to information received by his wife, along with a number of other dissidents. He has been held in prison since last November. In an appeal posted at a Facebook site, his wife said:

"..my husband helped to arrange meetings between Radio New Horizon reporters Thanh Thao with local democracy activists. He also helped Ms. Thanh Thao, a French citizen, and Mr. Leon Truong, an American citizen, to prepare documents promoting democracy through non-violent means. They were arrested on November 17, 2007. However after 3 weeks in detention, Ms. Thanh Thao and Mr. Leon Truong were released and left Vietnam while my husband is still in jail without reason." Two others, Nguyen The Vu and Somsak Khunmi, also face trial.

Source: Open letters posted by Minh T. Nguyen to FREE Democracy Activists in Vietnam NOW! group of Facebook, May 6.


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