Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vi Duc Hoi sentenced

Vi Duc Hoi, a former Communist Party official, has been sentenced by a court in Lang Son province to eight years in prison, followed by five years house arrest, for posting pro-democracy articles on the internet. He was convicted of "spreading anti-government propaganda," in violation of Article 88 of the Criminal Code. Amnesty International issued a press release today protesting his sentence, which can be found here.

See also Viet Tan report and this one from Viet Tan last November. Frontline Defenders says: "Vi Duc Hoi was a member of the Communist Party between 1980 and 2007, during which time he held a number of positions: Director of the Communist Party School in Huu Lung District, Lang Son Province; District Standing Committee Member; and Chairman of the District Propaganda and Education Committee.

"The day after he submitted his resignation on 1 May 2007, a party official reportedly issued an order, Decision no. 388-QD/TU, stating that the party would have to “undertake disciplinary action against comrade Vi Duc Hoi [...] and expel him”.

"Vi Duc Hoi was previously arrested in April 2008 for his part in protesting the Beijing Torch Relay in Vietnam. On 12 June 2008, during a Communist Party rally, Vi Duc Hoi was publicly denounced, accused of treason, and threatened with expulsion from his hometown. His wife was dismissed from the Communist Party as a result of her 'inability to educate her husband'. Since joining Bloc 8406 Vi Duc Hoi has been denied his health insurance and pension..."


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