Monday, June 18, 2012

Catholic dissidents sentenced

Four Catholic dissidents affiliated with the  Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer were sentenced to prison terms at a trial held May 24 in Nghe An province, charged with conducting propaganda against the state. As reported by Front Line Defenders:

"Dau Van Dong was convicted to three and a half years of imprisonment with one year probation, Tran Huc Duc was convicted to three years and three months of imprisonment with one year probation, Chu Manh Son was sentenced to three years of imprisonment with one year probation, while Hoang Phong received a sentencing of two years probation."

The report notes that the defendants "were represented by three lawyers who only recently had access to their clients, whom they believe were convicted for handing out pro-democracy leaflets."

According to Human Rights Watch: "the four activists had participated in volunteer activities, including encouraging women not to have abortions, donating blood, and volunteering to help orphans and victims of natural disasters."

Sources: Front Line Defenders June 15; Human Rigths Watch, May22.


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